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The unique suspended concrete floor system

Speedfloor is a suspended concrete floor system using a cold formed steel joist as an integral part of the final concrete and steel composite floor.

The joist is manufactured in Australia from pre-galvanised high strength steel in a one pass roll-forming machine giving a high degree of accuracy at a fast production rate. The ends are simply bolted to the joists which are then ready for transport to site.

The Speedfloor system allows construction time to be reduced as the Speedfloor system does not require any back propping. The shuttering/formwork can be stripped out 3 days after the concrete is poured. This allows access to the construction zone up to 3 weeks earlier than any other suspended slab system.

The Speedfloor concrete floor system is a proven performer in all types of construction. Including steel structures, masonry buildings, poured in-situ or pre-cast concrete panels, as well as ICF, timber and cold formed steel frame construction.

Speedfloor offers long spanning capabilities with thinner lighter slabs, without compromising any of the strength or integrity required in the project. Speedfloor allows all the services to be run within the structural depth of the joist using the round pre punched service holes in the joists. These service holes are placed at approximately 1 metre centres along the joist.

Speedfloor slabs offer fire rating of up to 180 mins without the need to install a fire rated ceiling or any other proprietary product to be installed. The Speedfloor concrete floor system also offers excellent acoustic performance without any special requirements.

The Speedfloor concrete floor system offers a completely engineered solution for your project.

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